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Restaurant Marketing

Spend more time on running your restaurant while outsourcing your marketing needs to SkeletonBoy with one of our restaurant marketing packages. Our basic packages include a responsive website for your restaurant and email marketing support with more comprehensive packages available depending on the needs of your restaurant.

Branding and Marketing

Perception is everything, at SkeletonBoy we have a large working knowledge of forging identities, developing brands and devising marketing campaigns for restaurants. To accomplish this goal of making your business stand out considerable effort is undertaken in order to understand your restaurant before we even begin to plan your project. Doing so ensures that we can represent your restaurant as best and as authentically as we can in order to maximise our effort for the growth of your business.

We will help you develop your restaurant’s online presence with meticulous planning, experience, and professional execution. As we work with your business we will gain trust and awareness which we will use to help deliver an uncompromising credible and consistent message to your prospective diners. As part of our marketing packages, we will provide email marketing, social media consultancy and will assist in designing artwork to ensure visual consistency across your social media platforms and in-house materials.

A responsive Web Site for your restaurant

The use of mobile devices has grown over recent years at an astronomical place, however, much of the web is not optimised for mobile devices. At SkeletonBoy we only develop web sites with a fluid responsive layouts that ensure that your content is accessible on as many devices as possible.

As our websites are entirely fluid this allows for future simplified management of your content and eliminates the need for a mobile specific version of your website. When your menus, images or content is updated it will be updated everywhere.

Your own Gift Voucher Solution

The gift industry is saturated with third parties and tech companies interested in controlling your online revenue. We do not agree with this approach and offer you a platform that ensures all revenue generated from monetary and gift experience vouchers remains yours, and unlike some of our competitors you will incur no transaction charges from this service.

At SkeletonBoy we believe in a more than just the bare bones approach when it comes to marketing and customer retention. We believe that you should be in a position to develop your own gift experiences alongside staple monetary vouchers, while receiving all revenue from your online gift service.

Our service gives you the option to sell personalised vouchers digitally, which are instantly delivered via email as a PDF.

Our voucher solution is branded alongside your SkeletonBoy website in order to ensure brand continuity. Unlike our competitors your gift voucher solution is integrated into your website, your customer will never leave your website giving them peace of mind in knowing that their money will be going directly to your restaurant.

Manage your bookings

At SkeletonBoy we have considerable experience in managing restaurant bookings. We have developed websites that have seamlessly integrated popular restaurant table booking solutions such as Restaurant Diary and OpenTable, we also have designed our own booking solutions in order to cut out the middle man and reducing spend on such applications.

Photography and content creation for social media

With social media becoming ever more visual your restaurant requires high-quality images to stand out from the crowd. At SkeletonBoy we can provide photographic services and content calendar creation with your social media team. Using the high-quality images and artwork we provide we can work together to develop a cost-effective and clearly measurable social media campaign. We have considerable experience in Facebook and Instagram campaigns working with brands with annual social media advertising budgets of £100,000+.

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