Honey Sriracha Chicken Noodles

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The Rooster on the Bottle of Huy Fong's Signature Chilli Sauce is the Zodiac sign of Founder of the company, David Tran - if I were to release a brand of sauces in this way I'd have to include a horse on the bottle, however, unlike a hamburger from Tesco in 2013 there wouldn't be

Double Chocolate Guinness Brownies

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Did you know that the perfect pint of Guinness takes 119.5 seconds to pour? I didn't but it makes for a halfway decent introduction to this post. According to this Guinness Storehouse Guide, there are six steps to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, similarly, it takes just six steps to create these Guinness Brownies.


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A Spanish twist on a recipe from Jack Monroe's Cooking on a Bootstrap, replacing the regular sausage with a ring of chorizo and some additional spices. Sausagne (Soh-san-yah) A recipe adapted from Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Monroe.  250 g Lasagne Sheets (1 Box) (Use gluten free or wholemeal if desired)300 g Chorizo

Quick Chimichurri Sauce

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Chimichurri Sauce Recipe Quick Chimichurri sauce recipe from my South American friend Shakira, her hips don't lie but I wouldn't believe a word from her ankles - goes well with steak; wherever, whenever. I've used a flat iron one here for this photo. If you're entertaining guests, serve with a glass of Malbec

Easy Focaccia Recipe

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Like Cleo Higgins in the 1990s, this Easy Foccacia is coming atcha. Easy Foccacia Recipe This one's adapted from a Paul Hollywood recipe. 500 g Strong White Flour (Plus extra for kneading)2 tsp Salt14 g Dried Easy Blend Yeast (2 Packs)2 tsp Olive Oil (Plus extra for drizzling)400 ml Cold Water Place the flour, salt,

Guinness Chilli Recipe

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Smoked Guinness Chilli 1 kg Beef Mince4 Slices Smoked Bacon (Cut into pieces)4 Cloves Garlic (Minced)250 ml Beef Stock440 ml Guinness Irish Stout (Can)1 tbsp Coriander Stems (Minced)3 tbsp Chilli Powder1 tsp Smoked Paprika1 tsp Cumin1 tsp Oregano1 tsp Sea Salt1 tsp Fresh Black Pepper1 tin Chopped Tomatoes1 tin Red Kidney Beans (Drained

Easy Pizza Base Recipe

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Easy Pizza Base Recipe This is an easy pizza base recipe that doesn’t cost a lot and yields around 4 pizza bases, perfect for a casual night of entertaining for friends or if you’re me, perfect for comfort eating while you ponder if Manny MUA will ever release a new video. 800 g

Carrot Orange & Ginger Soup

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  Carrot Orange & Ginger Soup Perfect for rainy days like today and American Horror Story: Coven binge viewing, this spicy carrot, ginger, and orange soup would remind you a bit of Myrtle Snow; down it in one go and shout Balenciaga at the top of your lungs. 2 tbsp Olive Oil600 g Carrots (Chopped)1

Banana Loaf Recipe

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Banana Loaf Recipe A quick banana loaf recipe that takes less time to prepare than your average YouTube makeup tutorial, but longer than a Laura Lee apology video - about eight minutes. 2 Ripe Bananas140 g Unsalted Butter140 g Caster Sugar140 g Self-raising Flour2 Large Eggs (Beaten)1 tsp Baking Powder50 g Icing Sugar50

Fried duck egg with asparagus and white truffle oil

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  Fried duck egg with asparagus and white truffle oil A lavish breakfast, easy brunch dish or dinner party starter. 2 Duck Eggs20 g Parmesan25 ml Double Cream2 tsp Olive Oil1 tsp Black Pepper1 tsp Sea Salt25 ml White Truffle Oil Blanch the asparagus in heavily salted, boiling water for 1 minute then

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