Fried duck egg with asparagus and white truffle oil

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  Fried duck egg with asparagus and white truffle oil A lavish breakfast, easy brunch dish or dinner party starter. 2 Duck Eggs20 g Parmesan25 ml Double Cream2 tsp Olive Oil1 tsp Black Pepper1 tsp Sea Salt25 ml White Truffle Oil Blanch the asparagus in heavily salted, boiling water for 1 minute then refresh in [...]

Frozen Rum Lana Banana Daiquiri

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Frozen Lana Banana Daiquiri Perfect for binging American Horror Story: Asylum this Lana Banana Daiquiri is sure to calm your nerves, keep it away from Sister Jude though, she’s in recovery.  1 Banana50 ml White Rum25 ml Cointreau50 ml Lime Juice1 tsp Sugar200 g Ice Pour all ingredients into a blender.Blend slowly for the first [...]

Guinness Bread Recipe

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When I think of “The Black Stuff” I think of the Symbiote Venom from Spider-Man, some people call Guinness the black stuff, sadly I don’t have any extraterrestrial black stuff and what with being Irish we've used some Guinness stout in this recipe.   Guinness Bread An easy, no fuss bread that takes minutes to [...]

Chatbots for your restaurant + Six things your Chatbot can do

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With smartphones becoming ever more crowded spaces, commentators are saying that the app revolution is almost over, instead attention has turned to bots, specifically chatbots which use artificial intelligence to interact and converse with consumers. At SkeletonBoy we have recently launched a series of ChatBots with restaurants in the greater Belfast Area. We believe [...]