Five Tips for your Restaurant’s Website

Five Tips for designing your new website with SkeletonBoy.

Designing a restaurant website can be difficult, but there are plenty of things that you can do to create a fully usable website that communicates your restaurant’s brand clearly and tells a hungry customer everything they need to know before arrival.

1.  Start with high-quality photos

This is perhaps the easiest thing to do but one of the more difficult things to do when building your restaurant’s website. Taking gorgeous food photos is tough, and it’s always advisable to hire a professional.

The difference between food that looks delicious and appetizing and food that isn’t well shot can make or break a good design – in fact, it may drive people away from your restaurant instead of to it. Use images that are light, bright and show a wide range of colours. Images of the inside or exterior of your restaurant, customers enjoying your food are also great options when designing your website.

2. Create a menu

When it comes to choosing a restaurant online your potential visitors will want to know what’s on the menu. Create a mobile responsive menu that will showcase your menu on as many devices as possible. Most importantly, keep your menu up to date, nothing is worse than craving a dish only to find that it’s not available when you arrive at the restaurant.

4. Content is King

A killer about us page will help your website stand out of the crowd and will help top your competitors, your “About Us” is a great place for you to make your restaurant appear unique and stand out from the crowd.

You may wish for your visitors to learn about you, a brief history of the business, origins of your recipes, fun facts about your business or a list of awards and accolades that you have won are all sure fire ways to engage potential customers.

3. Show Visitors Where to go

Mapping tools should always be integrated on your website, include your address or each address if you have multiple outlets. As a top tip, include a handy “get directions” button that will allow users to navigate to your restaurant using google maps.

5. Stay Social

Include sharing media to encourage users to engage with your restaurant, you may wish to use social media as part of your customer service strategy and to

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